Welcome to the KARATE dojo studio !

Anyone can start KARATE. I will teach beginners kindly, take care of no injury in my dojo studio.

Depending on your level, you exercise the Kata(the fix model),the Kumite(the sparring) and so on.

Small kids begin from 4 years old.

< About the admission >

You fill in the application form and the written pledge, and need the sign-in of the KARATE group “Shin Kyokusinkai”.

The sign-in of the KARATE group costs \10,800 a year, and then, you can participate in the KARATE match and the promotion examination.

It includes the accident insurance. If you hurt, about \2,000 is paid for one going to hospital.

< About the Obi (the grade) >

You have a chance of the promotion examinations twice a year. (\12,000)



Shiro-obi (White belt)   

Mukyu (no-grade)


Orenji-obi (Orange belt)

 10-kyu (the 10th grade)

 9-kyu (the 9th grade)


*The Middle   

Ao-obi (Blue belt)

 8-kyu (the 8th grade)

 7-kyu (the 7th grade)


Ki-obi (Yellow belt)

 6-kyu (the 6th grade)

 5-kyu (the 5th grade)



Midori-obi (Green belt)

 4-kyu (the 4th grade)

 3-kyu (the 3rd grade)


Cha-obi (Brown belt)

 2-kyu (the 2nd grade)

 1-kyu (the 1st grade)


*Kuro-obi (Black belt)

 Syodan, 2-dan, 3-dan, and more…


Do your best for the Kuro-obi !!!

< About KARATE Goods >

To protect your fists and Legs, put on athletic supporters of my dojo studio designation.


*Basic KARATE dogi (uniform)         \10,800-

*Fist supporters                       \1,620-

*Leg supporters                       \2,700-

*Foul ball cup                         \1,620-

*Head-gear (plastic mask & iron mask)   \10,260-             (8% tax included) 

< About tuition >

You pay for the tuition once a month by your Japan Post Bank account adding \25 bank commission .

If you don’t have the account, the other bank account is available.

OOJIMA KARATE Dojo   Shusaku Seki